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The State of the Shore - End of the Decade Edition

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

2019 is coming to a close, and we have a new season of events to look forward to coming up in 2020. If 2019 was any indication, it’s looking like 2020 should be an even better year for automotive events! But before we close the chapter on this past season, we spoke with show attendees, vendors, and car clubs to take a look back on this past season.

There seemed to be more shows this year than in the previous few years. Looking back 2-3 years, and talking with others who run similar web sites, there were more shows this year at the Jersey Shore than that have been in the previous years. It may just seem that way because we are doing better getting the word out, but there were a lot of shows listed every month! There were also a lot of new shows, with different groups and charities getting involved in the hobby. It’s great to see the car culture growing!

More shows are switching to people’s choice judging. Love it or hate it, people’s choice voting seems like it’s here to stay, and every show runner has a different reason for doing so. Most people we talked to prefer a traditional judged show over people’s choice, and if both types of shows are taking place on the same day, they will attend the judged show. The main reasons given was people come in groups and vote for their friends, and that the people or clubs running the event find it easier to enter their own vehicles in the show when it’s people’s choice. Everyone we spoke with will not attend shows where the group running the show enters their own vehicles for judging, regardless of the type of voting.

We are seeing a larger variety of vehicles at shows! While we still see a lot of Mustangs, Corvettes, and Chevelles, we are getting a lot more variety. First, we are starting to see a lot more trucks at events, from all eras. Vehicles from the 1980’s and 1990’s are more abundant now as well. And it’s always nice seeing British and Japanese sports cars on the show field too. And everyone loves seeing a new Dodge Hellcat at a show of course! It’s been really cool seeing vehicles we haven’t seen before!

Cruise Nights are making a comeback! While we’ve never had a shortage of cruises at the Jersey Shore, 2019 saw us have more of them, and a few new cruises popping up to boot. There was something to do seven days a week in almost every area. The only county that could probably stand a few more cruises would be Cape May.

And finally, in 2019 we started the Jersey Shore Car Shows Foundation, a non-profit entity that will help raise funds for other charities (such as Ocean of Love) and help out in our community. In 2020, we are looking to add two funds to the foundation: 1) a scholarship fund to help high school grads looking to get into the automotive trades, and 2) a general fund to help out people in our own community. Look for more information on this shortly!

Also, don’t forget about our April 11, 2020 Car Hop Kickoff – the first show of the 2020 season! You can pre-register online at:

Thank you from all of us at Jersey Shore Car Shows for helping us grow our website and Facebook page, and for making the 2019 season an awesome one! Let’s work together and make 2020 even better!!

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