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Guy's Service Station. 237 W. Washington Ave, Washington NJ

Opened in 1922, this retro gas and service station has been Guy’s since the early 1960s. Guy's has been in the same family for three generations, when the current owner's father (the original Guy) bought it 60 years ago. His son, Guy, now owns it, and his son, also Guy, works there. (For those keeping track, that's 3 guys!) It's not just the building that's vintage, the pumps are, too, although not to the same degree. One dates from the 1950s and others are from the '70s.

The station originally was affiliated with Standard Motor Fuel of New Jersey. Today, it's an independent gas station. And just like filling stations of old, Guy's also does service and repairs.


Covered bridges have become a thing of the past. In most states, you’ll find a handful remaining, but New Jersey has just two – Scarborough Bridge in Cherry Hill (built in 1959) and Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge near Stockton (built in 1872).


Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge has a rich and fascinating history and can be found on the National Register of Historic Places. Green Sergeant's Covered Bridge is a wooden covered bridge that crosses the Wickecheoke Creek. The bridge accommodates one-way traffic along Rosemont-Ringoes Road (CR 604). It was first built back in 1872 but was severely damaged in a 1960 storm. It was dismantled and replaced with a more modern bridge. The public was not having it! After an uproar, the bridge was rebuilt in 1961 from original materials. The beautiful bridge still survives, but it does face difficulties. It has been struck several times, most recently in 2013 when a truck damaged the support beams.


The bridge is part of the Covered Bridge Historic District in Hunterdon County. It includes seven buildings and several sites/structures. There's a barn, mill, and more, dating back to the 1700s.


Scarborough Covered Bridge, Cherry Hill

Scarborough Covered Bridge, located in the Barclay Farm section of Cherry Hill, is one of two covered bridges remaining in New Jersey. It's a small, two-lane, covered bridge connecting two sections of the Barclay Farm development. Constructed in 1959, the bridge is one of only two covered bridges remaining in New Jersey along with Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge in Delaware Township, Hunterdon County. There was once as many as 75 covered bridges in the state. Local architect Malcolm Wells designed the bridge. The bridge includes enough space for two-way traffic as well as pedestrian walkways on either side. A shingle roof covers both the roadway and walkways. The bridge cost about $32,000 to build.


The bridge was officially dedicated on Valentine’s Day, 1959. To commemorate the occasion, 101 couples kissed on the bridge in a special ceremony, leading the bridge to be known as the “Kissing Bridge.” The ceremony also included a variety of 20th century vehicles, including everything from horse-drawn carriages to the entire line of 1959 Ford cars.


Hundreds of vehicles continue to travel over Scarborough Covered Bridge daily. In addition, pedestrians can still walk across the bridge using the pathways on either side. On the north side of the bridge is a small open field with a few benches sitting under trees. A sign lists the field as Scarborough Park and details the history of the neighboring covered bridge. In addition, the north side of the bridge includes a sign with the bridge’s name and the day it was originally dedicated.

covered bridge
covered bridge
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