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No Burnouts...Respect The Lot! And To What Show Do I Go?

How many times have you read that on an event flyer? No burnouts. Respect the lot. No two-stepping. No Revving. The first thing that comes to mind is they have had past problems with those in attendance.

The people that engage in this behavior are really not the type to care, so what makes you feel they will even pay any attention to this request? If anything, it will probably scare off potential attendees that won't cause any problems. I've been doing this 37 years now, and we've never had an issue. If we do, we'll deal with it.

As of this writing, we are upwards of 220 events posted for 2024. While we have 7-8 months of weekends where we can plan, we still have the problem of showrunners not looking at the calendars and scheduling nearby shows on the same days. We've even recently run in to a few that know and simply don't care. So how do you choose what show to attend? In the past, I've always considered distance, time, length of the show, where my friends are going, and the charity it benefits. But recently I've added another criteria - which show was booked first (if there are more than one on the same day). I think that deserves a little consideration as well. Many people have often told us the cost of registration and amount of trophies awarded are

important to them. Now, I won't go into the trophy debate, but the magic number for registration cost seems to be $20. Anything below that is great, anything above that sparks internet backlash. We've been getting a lot more events coming in at $25 and $30 for registration, some even higher. Costs to run an event have risen upwards of 40%, so just like the supermarket, auto parts store, and pizzeria, these costs have to be passed on somewhere. Before you get upset and start the online bullying, think about who the show benefits.

Right now we are just a little over a month away from the start of our 2024 season. We are proud to have continued some long lasting partnerships, and entered many new ones to bring you some great events for this year. We hope to see everyone out there not just at our shows and cruises, but spreading the love and giving everyone a fair chance, especially new first time shows. It's always nice to attend something new for the first time!

Thank you for your support of Jersey Shore Car Shows, we'll see you out on the show fields soon!

Big Al

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