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Sentimental Cruisers

Forked River, NJ

It all started back in 1994 at Joey's Sweet Shop in the Waretown plaza (which is currently the Waretown Post Office). Three guys (Bob Zimmerman, Tommy Davis & Joe Bourgeois) were cruising around Manahawkin with their old cars and later met up with Rich Karwecki, who joined them.


One day they stopped in at Joey's Sweet Shop for ice cream. The owner enjoyed the cars and encouraged them to return and hang out. That was the place on Sunday nights to go. Soon others joined them (John McHale, Ken Flatt, Bob Micki, Tom Engles, Dave Bintliff and Pat McMahon). Plans started about creating a car club for this area.


So it began in August of '94 and grew to about 20 members. Most of the original members are still enrolled in the club. Joey's Sweet Shop closed and the club moved their location to Burger King in the Lacey Plaza and to Friday nights. We had many new members join and were up to 85 members at one time.

Burger King closed for renovations and we relocated to the Forked River Diner and then to Stewart's on Route 72 in Manahawkin. Burger King reopened and we moved back.

North Shore Antique

Automobile Club - Freehold

Incorporated in 1955, the North Shore Antique Auto Club of New Jersey is a car club where members share their interest in the preservation and restoration of antique and collectible cars. 

Monthly meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month in the basement of the Wall New Jersey Township Municipal building at 7:30pm. 

Our club members participate in monthly events such as: summer picnic, winter holiday party, parades, local car shows, runs to see private collections, etc. 

For inquiries, please contact:

Team C4

West New York, NJ

TeamC4 (Custom Creations Car Club) was created in June 19, 2000 by Frank "Sonic" Castaneda. This club has grown to over 100 members and represents some of the hottest and most original cars in the East Coast, and as of early 2018 global.


The club was created to give people with the passion about modifying their cars an opportunity to be part of a family, compete on the show car circuit.


TeamC4 vehicles have been featured in most tuner magazines, import car music videos, and in addition have even appeared in several movie spots with Paramount Pictures, and also music videos with top artists. Not to mention the honor of having our club name be part of NASA's mission to the moon with the Orbiter.


TeamC4 as also be able to become the first car club to be accepted outside the tuner world and be known with a top fortune 500 company, Apple. With the introduction of our Web App for the iPhone back in 2007. And now, we proudly have chapters in several states, and chapters in other countries.


We accept all times of cars from vintage, to classics, lifted, lowered. If its modded we would love to have it join the family!

Beach Bums Corvette Club

Manahawkin, NJ

The evolution of the BBCC started in the late 1990’s with an informal group of guys getting together to cruise to Corvette shows and doing parades. Friendships developed around the common interest, The Corvette. The partying culture of the club and the sea shore location resulted in the naming of the club: Beach Bums Corvette Club. Donna Lewis was the first President and did most of the hard work of forming the club. Initially very socially orientated, the club had meetings at member’s homes and pool parties. Then Howard Welch set up meetings at Gardner Chevrolet and the club grew to over 20 members. At this point Howard felt the club was ready to have an all Corvette judged show at Gardner. It was a big success with about 55 Corvettes registered. Gardner shows continued with proceeds going to local charities, unfortunately show burn out occurred and the Gardner show was discontinued. The club meetings where then moved from Gardner to Barnegat Rec. Center. After a year off from shows, Ralph Gessner and Jamie Ciardelli suggested we do a show at Bay Village Beach Haven. The Bay Village venue was a big hit with car counts exceeding 150 Corvettes. The club really pulls together for these shows and of course the guests appreciate the BBCC hospitality. Due to the show success we have been able include many charitable organizations. The club is having fun participating in Memorial Day Parades, Corvette rally’s, Fall Cruise and lunch, Miniature Golf Tournament, cruises to Pt. Pleasant, detailing clinics at Dependable, judging clinics and many cruises to car shows with many proud trophy winners. And of course, our yearly Christmas Party at nearby restaurants.

Surf Corvette Club

Bayville, NJ

The Surf Corvette Club was founded in 1963 as a social club to promote the only true American Sports Car, the Corvette. The club provides a social atmosphere for Corvette owners to enjoy their Corvettes with other enthusiasts, to meet new people, to share common interests and - most importantly - to have fun!

We meet the first Tuesday of every month (except July - there is no meeting). The meetings start at 7:30 P.M. All are welcome and we're always looking for new members full of Corvette spirit to join our ranks.

To become a member, all you need is a passion for Corvettes and to print-out and fill-in our membership application; then come to a meeting to present your completed application in person.

Our club has many social events during the year and also attends several Corvette shows. We start every new year off with a Super Bowl party, followed by a Valentine's Day brunch cruise at various venues on the Jersey Shore. We have an annual 4th of July party held at a member's home and we mark the end of the year with our annual Christmas party held at a very nice restaurant.

We also venture out with our Corvettes on many one-day trips and an occasional two- or three-day weekend trip. These jaunts are always lots of fun and generate terrific memories & stories that are recounted & remembered for years to come.

Vintage Automobile Club

Toms River, NJ

In the mid 1960's, owners of antique automobiles living in Ocean County, started gathering together socially, usually in someone's driveway, to discuss their old cars and whatever mechanical problems they might be having. Ideas were traded, tips were offered, hands were dirtied. 

In time, this loosely knit group began using their cars in local parades. They even found themselves being asked by other community groups to display their cars at grand openings, fund raisers, and other charitable functions.

It became obvious to these old car enthusiasts that they needed to become more organized, and to give themselves a recognizable name. In July,1969, a group of twelve individuals gathered once more and drew up plans to form the first antique automobile club in their county. The name they chose for this new club was the "Vintage Automobile Club of Ocean County".

In September 1970, the Vintage Automobile Club of Ocean County was officially recognized by the New Jersey State Assembly as being a non-profit corporation.

In September, 1980, the Club held its first annual antique car show and flea market.

South Jersey MOPAR Connection

The South Jersey Mopar Connection is a non-profit car club Dedicated to Mopar Action and committed to the appreciation, promotion and preservation of all Mopars (Chrysler, Imperial, Desoto, Plymouth, Dodge and Jeep). The club was formed in 1992 and became incorporated in 1994. While it was extremely active for many years hosting numerous car shows and cruise-ins, it became  inactive for a number of years. The club has recently been re-activated and is 
thriving. Membership is open to all owners of Chrysler Corp. Mopars. 

As the name implies, members are mostly from the Southern New Jersey area. The club encourages attendance at its monthly meetings where members can meet, socialize, bring their cars, share stories, ask for technical advice and talk about their cars. Our members' cars include top quality show cars as well as works in progress and range from older Chrysler products to muscle cars to the newest retro Mopars and everything in between. 

The club meets once a month in Egg Harbor Twp. and we are always looking for new members who want to make owning a Mopar an enjoyable, fun and proud experience. The annual dues are $36.00 a year and are due in January. Members joining mid year would have their annual dues prorated. 

If interested in becoming a member, please request a membership application by e-mail at or by mail to the South Jersey Mopar Connection, 2501 Fernwood Ave., Unit #7, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234. 

Antique Motoring Club

of Monmouth County

The Antique Motoring Club of Monmouth County (AMCOMC) is a sport club where members can share their interest in the enjoyment, preservation, and restoration of antique/collectible cars. Our club is growing rapidly into one of New Jersey's most spirited and active car clubs! Club membership is open to all car enthusiasts, regardless of whether or not you have a vehicle of your own.  


​AMCOMC's club meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at The Woman's Club of Little Silver, NJ.  The Woman's Club is located at 111 Church Street, Little Silver, NJ 07739. Meetings last around two (2) hours and provide information on local car shows, private car collection tours, cruise nights, parades, national events, legislative updates concerning the hobby, as well as historical and technical information pertaining to antique/collectible automobiles. Annual membership dues are $30.00 and are owed in January of each calendar year.

Club members are able to participate in various events, including but not limited to:

  • ​Club-Sponsored Summer Picnic

  • Club-Sponsored Winter Holiday Party

  • Club-Sponsored "Cars and Coffee" Events

  • Local Car Shows

  • Holiday Parades

  • Exclusive Tours of Private Collections

  • ...and many more!

Positive Earth Drivers Club

Farmingdale, NJ

The Positive Earth Drivers Club was founded in 1990 by a small group of British car owners and drivers. PEDC has continued the mission of enjoyment of British automobiles through the quest of finding, restoring, collecting and most importantly driving our cars.

Our club is made up of a wide variety of men and women with a common love of the road. We welcome new members and hope everyone will participate in making PEDC a great club by getting involved in the ongoing drives, events, tech sessions and attending our monthly meetings.

The PEDC welcomes new members. The club meets on the first Wednesday of the month at Woody’s Roadhouse Tavern, 105 Academy Street, Farmingdale, NJ 07727, 

Meetings start at 7:30 PM, but come early for dinner or bring your British car and talk shop in the parking lot.

Jersey Cape Region AACA

Mays Landing, NJ

The signatures of at least 15 AACA members had to accompany a request for a Charter. We made it, with two names to spare. 

On May 10, 1966, a letter from John J. Lambert, Jr. , Vice President in Charge of Regions AACA, was sent to Dave Blyler.  In the letter Dave was notified that our application for a new Region had been approved by members of the National Board of Directors at Hershey, PA.  Mr. Lambert added that our formal Charter would be sent as soon as it was printed.

Over 50 years later we are still a strong club filled with car enthusiasts who not only enjoy sharing their vehicles with others but sharing the history of the automobile industry. We have given our time over and over again to raise interest in the car industry to schools and non profits alike. Come join us and help us continue this great history of our club and enjoy great friendships.

Battle Born Crew

Ocean County, NJ

Battle Born Crew is a family of auto enthusiasts that are willing to help each other and the communities around them through shows, meets, parades, and fund raisers.

This is a Judgement Free Club: Feel free to criticize all you want, in the comfort of your own home. Remember, we are ALL Car enthusiasts! We are all family!

New Members: ALL new members will have a "PROSPECT PERIOD" during this period prospects are not required but should attend MEETINGS/SHOWS/EVENTS/MEETS to prove their loyalty to the team/family. Members/prospects with stock vehicles will not be required to work on your vehicle if you haven't begun already. Just show passion we know not everyone is made of money but helping out and showing support is enough for us.


Attendance: All SHOWS/MEETINGS/TEAM EVENTS are not mandatory Those that attend will be rewarded for their loyalty. Good attendance at shows and events will be seen with rewards and obtain elite status.

Outcast Cruisers

Toms River, NJ

We are a jacket club for the car and bike enthusiast
looking to enjoy time with friends and share the fun of
restoring, driving, showing our classics, hot rods, and

There are:




Fossils Car Club

Jackson, NJ

 Well, our official name is "The Fossils of South Jersey, Inc.". The club was founded in the early 80's by eight fellows attending a car show in a group. When asked the name of their club, one of them responded by saying "we're not a club, just a bunch of old Fossils' and that was the beginning of what is now one of the most admired and respected clubs in New Jersey. We are registered as a non-profit organization with the local, state and federal governments. We donate thousands of dollars each year to many charities, deserving projects and programs.


 The Fossils are a family oriented club. Our memberships are families...husband, wife and children living at home. All members have an equal voice in all club matters. We have only two formal club meetings a year. The monthly club business is overseen by a board of trustees.


April starts our Cruise Nights, held on the last Friday of each month through November with rain dates announced as needed at Jackson Outlet Mall on Route 537.  The third Sunday of May is our annual Car Show, held at Jackson Memorial High School, Jackson, NJ.


How does one become a Fossil one might ask? By asking a club member to direct you to a trustee of the club \ for an application and filling it out is a good start. You MUST have an American made vehicle that is QQ eligible and be willing to be active in the club. If you can't be willing to show up and help, then Don't Bother Asking! If we don't get active members, we can't be an active club. Please be patient...we have a limited membership.

Buick Club of America

Wall, NJ

We welcome all who share the enthusiasm for the automobiles produced by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corp.

Our sole requirement to become a Chapter member, is membership in the Buick Club of America  

Chapter dues are $20.00 per year, which includes all family members, as we try to promote interesting activities for everyone.  

We have an Annual car show, summer picnic, holiday party, and various events, cruises & runs throughout the year.   Most meetings are held in Wall, NJ  the last Wednesday of each month.  

Boardwalk Corvettes

Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

Our Corvettes brought us together and the fun of ownership keeps us together!

Boardwalk Corvettes Club was conceived in the fall of 1983 at the time of the "new" C-4 introduction. Through the years we have grown to more than 50 members and an infinite number of long-term friendships. Members talk "Vettes" and share their experiences, excitement and enjoyment of Corvette ownership.

Boardwalk Corvettes also hosts many events and activities throughout the year.

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