The Garden State Car Culture is Alive and Well!

November 12, 2020 - that's the day we launched "Garden State Car Culture". What was initially a

sister site to Jersey Shore Car Shows meant to focus on stories, interviews, podcasts, and more morphed into something much bigger! It became our mission, and our vision. Out of it, our new mission statement was born - "Preserving and Promoting the Garden State Car Culture".

The new Garden State Car Culture logo started popping up during the 2021 season - on podcasts, videos, interviews, articles, pictures, and more. All of our recent podcasts over the last few months feature it prominently. Our website and social media have featured this mission front and center for some time now. But why?

Here's why. Jersey Shore Car Shows is so much more than just listing events. Sure, that's the biggest feature of our web site, and something we do better than anyone else. But there is so much more to the car scene - racing, history, culture, and friendships. We are here to promote these important aspects of our hobby too.

In 2022 we have expanded upon everything we do. While we are still mainly focused on the southern half of NJ (south of the Driscoll bridge) we have added Middlesex County to our listings, and have a section dedicated to North Jersey as well. Garden State Car Culture implies the entire state, so that's what we will cover. Our NJ Automotive History section has been greatly