Jersey Shore Car Shows..... Now On Instagram!

With our website and Facebook group running full steam ahead, we took some time to add an Instagram page. Well, we actually added it a little bit ago, but its cruising along all the same. It's a little different than our other sites, but we think you'll feel its awesome - here's why:

The main reason we started all this was to preserve the car culture and its history at the Jersey Shore. The Instagram page is all about history. We will be posting vintage photos from around New Jersey, as long as they have cars in them or are car related. We've managed to curate hundreds of pictures from the early 1900's through the 1980's, and will be adding them daily. Sure, we'll also post up pictures from events we attend, but that will be secondary to the historical photos. We feel its important that in order to make the future great, we must preserve the past.

If you want to follow us on Instagram, just lookup @JerseyShoreCarShows or #jerseyshorecarshows - you'll find us! Or you can use this link: