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We've been very busy here at Jersey Shore Car Shows getting ready for the 2024 season. We've made a number of improvements and updates to our website to allow it to load faster, run smoother, and make sharing of events easier for all. Here's a rundown of what we did:

  • Search by Month and Location have been improved. You can now like the posted flyers, and share them to social media or email as well. You can also download them much easier. Clicking on the flyer brings up a description of the event, along with a link to it.

  • Search by Car Club has returned and now works much like the search by month and location.

  • Our CAR CLUB list has been updated, and navigation has been improved. If you do not see your club listed, please email us your logo and website or social media link to:

  • We have done away with our monthly newsletter in favor of a weekly, shorter, and more informative one, Hot Rod Happenings. Subscribe and never miss another car show again, plus we won't SPAM you! Subscribe here:

Don't forget to check us out on social media as well:

SHOWRUNNERS: Even if you do not have a flyer yet please let us know the date(s) of your events so we can add them to our running list. This helps everyone so toes don't get stepped on and everyone can get more cars to their events. Email the info to us or click on SUBMIT SHOW above!

We'll see everyone out on the show fields real soon!

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1 Comment

Jan 09

Big Al looks great but you. always do a great job😎

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