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Car Show Code of Conduct

Much most yourself, I've been to a lot of car shows and cruises over the years, from the first shows I attended as a child, to the shows I enter my own cars in today. I remember my father taking me aside before we went to each show and explaining the "rules" of attending. I've noticed recently that there seem to be a lot of attendees who aren't familiar with these rules, so here we have a refresher:

1. DO NOT TOUCH THE CARS!! This is the cardinal rule of attending car shows! When you go to a museum, you don't walk over and touch the displays, do you? Then why would you touch the cars on display? The problem is, you could inadvertently damage the car or scratch the paint. Jewelry, purses, even metal on clothes could damage a car getting to close. Repairs could cost thousands of dollars or more, and you wouldn't want to foot that bill! Also, don't bring food or drinks near the car. I once had someone lean over to look at my engine and he dumped a whole cup of hot coffee onto the car. Good thing I had a water bottle with me!

2. HOLD ON TO YOUR KIDS! It's great to bring kids to car shows, and you should. It's a wonderful experience you should share with your children. Make sure you go over the rules with them - look but don't touch. Keep food and drink away from the cars, and no rubbing up against or climbing on the vehicles. Hold their hands walking around the show field and you should have no problems.

3. NO TRASH TALKING! Everyone who shows their car is proud of it. Some cars make look factory new and restored, other cars may still be in the process of restoration. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself and just admire the car. Also, let's not whine or complain if you don't win a trophy. Every car can't win - your day will come! If you show your car just to win a trophy, you should probably find another hobby.

4. LOOK OUT TO PHOTOGRAPHERS! People will always take pictures of cars they love or identify with. Also, there could be press, event managers, or people from walking around taking pictures for their use. Before you walk in front of someone, keep an eye out for cameras, and stay out of the picture.

5. CLEAN UP! The people who run shows normally sign a contract with the venue, and in those contracts are riders about keeping it clean. Do your part and clean up your mess, don't leave it behind for someone else. We bring a few small trash bags in the trunk just to make sure we've left nothing behind. A little courtesy goes a long way.

We hope to see you out at some shows this season! So far it's been a blast meeting everyone and getting to see your cars and hear your stories!

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