My My My Corona - Early May Update

While there have been a number of new developments over the last two weeks, there in unfortunately nothing that gives us a timetable as to when, or if, we can have a car show season in 2020. We've already made our predictions in our last blog post, and nothing has occurred that would prompt us to revisit them. Instead we are going to focus on what we do know, and what we are doing.

Here is what we know: On Friday 5/8/20, Governor Murphy signed an executive order to create the Governors Restart and Recovery Advisory Council. This is the first step in opening the state. It will bring together various leaders from across the state to work with the Restart & Recovery Commission. Please keep in mind that all of the previous executive orders pertaining to social distancing, business closures, and ban on gatherings remain in place "until further notice." Until they are actually lifted, nothing can take place. In addition, the Governor extended the state medical emergency through June 6, 2020. Again, that does not mean the restrictions are lifted on that date.

Here is what we are doing: First, Jersey Shore Car Shows has reached out to Governor Murphy to offer our assistance and guidance in reducing or eliminating the ban on gatherings. With over 33 years attending and running car shows, and one of our advisors (Big Al's father), having over 50 years doing this, we feel we could be a valuable asset in getting things going again safely.

We are also putting contingency plans for the future in place. We don't know the long term affects of this virus on ou