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Let's Help Each Other With Our New Facebook Mentorship Program

Let's face it - at some point we all want to work on our own vehicles, but may not have the background or knowledge to do certain things. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to reach out to and get help from? That's where mentorship comes in.

Available at our Facebook group ( ), just click on the "Mentorship" tab on the left to get started. Here, you can sign up as a mentor and add up to 5 skills or topics you can assist with. Or, you can look for someone to help mentor you as well. Then, you can match yourself up with another group member and get to work!

If you are one of our more experienced members, we hope you'll sign up as a mentor and help those of us that need it. By working together, we can get those projects done and our cars out of the garage and to some shows! We hope you'll sign up and try this great new feature!

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