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June Rona Update - Good News Edition!

We finally have something exciting to report, and that is we will have a car show season after all. Here's what we've learned that should help us get the hobby going again!

  • * On June 9, 2020, Governor Murphy shocked us all and raised the outdoor gathering limit to 100 people, effective that day.

  • * He also announced that on June 22nd, he would raise the limit to 250 people.

  • And for the real shocker - on July 3 he would raise the limit again to 500 people!

While this will certainly allow us to have car shows again, we need to do so responsibly and safely. With that being said, a few things to consider:

  • When planning your attendance, make sure to count in members of your group helping out, and expected spectators.

  • Keep it clean, keep it safe. We will be disinfecting everything we use before, during, and after each show. We will have sanitizer available, and masks for people who feel safer wearing them.

  • Consider making certain things contactless. We have come up with new ways to handle registration, and hand out awards to keep contact to a minimum.

  • Think about allowing for extra space in-between vehicles when parking.

We are certainly excited about getting this season going. We have a few events we'd like to remind you of that WILL be taking place:

We hope you'll come out and join us at these great events. Make sure to pre-register where you can!

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