It's Almost Spring, and We've Done Some New Things!

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago we were a small website that simply posted up local car

related events for the Jersey Shore region. That’s what set us apart – a local focus where everyone else focused on the entire state or the tri-state region. What followed was amazing! Our website grew tremendously, and our Facebook page increased in membership almost daily. Everyone we met started referring to us as “the bible” for all things car show related. Content from Jersey Shore Car Shows reaches almost 6,000 people PER WEEK! Next, we ventured out and ran a car show at the Forked River Diner to raise money for Ocean of Love. We ran it on a Friday night expecting maybe 50 cars, and packed the lot with almost 100, and filled the marina parking lot next door with more. We ran out of room! We realized that we were on the verge of something great, so we applied for non-profit 501c3 status so we could raise even more money for local charities. This year, we are running two large shows, and helping with another two. We have one, possibly two more in the works that should be announced soon. In addition, we now have a twice-monthly cruise night (Wednesday Night Wheels) and a monthly Cars and Coffee (Caffeine and Gasoline) starting up. The positive response to the announcement of these events has been overwhelming, and we are grateful! Not too long ago, we started our own Podcast, Cool Cars and Boulevards,